Toenail infections

Toenail infections are very unattractive. If you have a toenail that is yellow and brittle, a fungal infection is likely the cause.


When this is the case, many treatment options are available curso trabalhar pela internet agora. The nail may be removed to treat the infection, debridement may be recommended or your doctor may prescribe oral or topical medications. The newest treatment option involves the use of a laser. When you treat toe fungus with laser in Houston, the success rate is very high. Although there is no cure for toenail fungus, as an infection can develop any time, getting rid of the current infection is best done with the use of a laser fungus treatment.

When your doctor determines that laser treatment is the best option for curing your fungal infection, a laser will be used to pass light through the toenail to the source of the infection. Surrounding skin won’t be damaged and the nail is left intact. The laser only kills the fungus itself. Be aware that your toenail will not immediately become clear. It takes three months for new nail growth to be seen and six to nine months for the nail to completely replace itself. The thicker the nail, the more treatment sessions may be needed trabalhar pela internet agora.

When you first visit your doctor, he or she runs tests to determine the cause of the infection and which treatment option is right for you. This process takes very little time. If laser is the preferred method for removing the infection, a session will be scheduled or your doctor may do it right then. There is no pain with the procedure and you walk out the door once it is done. If you like to paint your toenails or have pedicures, these can be done immediately after treatment. At the time of treatment though, your nails should be bare so the doctor can clearly see them.

Insurance companies, as of this time, do not cover laser toenail treatments. If you have a medical IRA or a Health Savings Account, they may be used to cover the cost of treatment. Many doctors base their fee on the severity of the condition. At the consultation, discuss fees with the doctor along with any payment options which are offered. Laser treatment is very successful when it comes to resolving a toenail fungal infection. This is especially true when compared to oral medications which often come with dangerous side effects curso trabalhar pela internet agora. Consider all options to determine which is best for you and will allow you to show off your feet again without embarrassment.

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